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Loud's Results Day Edition

Monday, 15 August 2016 13:08

While results day can be different for everyone, Loud has all the options covered in their A Levels Results Edition coming this Wednesday, 17th August!  So no matter what happens, you’ll have loads of information on what to expect. 

Although it’s great to be confident about your results, it can’t hurt to be prepared for the alternative. If you don’t quite get the grades you want and need to enter Clearing, there are loads of top tips and real life stories from students who have gone through the process and found a university they really love. You will also find a directory of all the Clearing hotline numbers and web addresses to help you find a course to apply for. So despite Clearing not being the most relaxing process to go through, Loud will make sure you’re as ready as you can be. 

If your results go the opposite way, and you end up overachieving (Go you!), then Loud also has all the essentials for helping you go through Adjustment, and exchange your confirmed place for one at another university, if you choose to. 

For those who get their results, and suddenly find themselves faced with the reality of moving away from home for the first time, there is some great advice on how to manage your finances and do well in Fresher’s week.   

And finally, if you decide not to go to university this year or if your A-Level results weren’t what you were expecting, there are things to do instead of going through Clearing. Stuck for ideas on what comes next? Loud has some advice on how to make the most out of gap years, whether retakes are for you and why apprenticeships are a great alternative to university.  

Whatever happens on results day, Loud’s Results Edition will be here to help.