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Top 5 Winter Jobs for Students

Wednesday, 20 November 2013 15:56

The winter break is not only a great time for students on the lookout to make some extra money but also a chance to test out the world of work,pick up skills and learn about possible longterm

Here is our pick for of the top 5 winter jobs that will help you flesh out your CV

Retail Assistant
Christmas brings out our generous spirit and with it comes some hefty spending, meaning many shops and departments stores will be looking of extra part-time or temporary staff. Business Studies and Marketing students can use this retail job as a great way to learn about customer service, management, advertising and sales. You need a calm and a
can do attitude for this role as you’ll be very busy and met with by demands.

Winter Ski Rep or Holiday Rep
When most people think about holiday repping they think of sunny beaches and sangria but there are plenty of ski or holiday rep jobs available in winter that can help the more outdoorsy types enjoy the snow and make some dough. A ski or winter holiday rep is a great fun option which will give you problem solving, organisation, customer service and team working skills that all future employers will also look for. Despite the recession the travel industry is booming right now meaning you might also be ableto use your recently gained skills within a travel career in the future.

Be an Events Assistant
While many bars and restaurants look for longer-term staff, events companies are often crying out for extra staff during the Christmas break due to the multitude of parties. As an Events Assistant you might find yourself in a number of roles from waiting, serving drinks behind a bar or even catering. Apart from your hourly rate you’ll also be rewarded for your hard work with tips – bonus!

Be a Tutor
Why not cash in on your existing skills? If you know your nouns from your pronouns or can speak another language, then utilise it! Many people during the holidays are looking for help with their course work and are happy to pay for these services. If you are a genius on guitar or computer why not advertise your services? Apart from the much needed extra cash you’ll also be demonstrating your entrepreneurial skills.

Package Deliverer or Courier
Many package delivery companies are on the lookout for extra staff during the winter period as thousands of us send gifts to our love ones across the UK. If you have a driving licence or can ride a bike this is the perfect job to demonstrate customer service and organisational skills – just head down to your nearest depo to ask if they are looking to take anyone on.
Article Bio: Neil Maxwell-Keys is the Director of Careers for Travel, an accredited provider of e-learning travel career courses to help those looking to work in travel get the best head-start. If you would like to find out more about getting a holiday rep job please visit: