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Freshers Week - What it is and What Happens?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 10:00

By Andy Bremner

 - I’ve unpacked everything and quickly ushered my proud weeping parents back into their car. I head for the bar. As you sit alone with your drink you begin to ponder whether it is socially acceptable to stand up and sit next to a complete stranger who is also alone. It is! Not only is it acceptable it is actively encouraged. Seven hours later I’m bobbing my way round the crowded dance floor, I have just spent a week’s food budget on a round of shots for the full bar and am feeling somewhat giddy. I spot a friend I met earlier, I still don’t know his name but it has now gotten too far past the point of it being acceptable to ask, there are a group of us now. Dancing, talking, laughing and getting to know one another.

Fresher’s week is the single biggest event on the student calendar.  Hundreds of fresh faced students from around the world have been thrust into this new environment. Don’t panic you’re going to be fine.  What actually happens during fresher’s week is totally up to you! The beauty of an event like this is you can get as involved as you like. Do you want to join loads of societies? Then go for it! Want to get to every party that the town is throwing? You can!  Whether you should is another matter but the point is you can give it a damn good go. If you are going to drink, please drink responsibly, there was one guy I knew who made it a habit of being sick every time we went out. Excess is not impressive or clever and he ended up pooing himself in a taxi so you have been warned!

Every university does things a little bit differently fresher’s can last one week, sometimes two. I have known people who have tried to make it last for their whole time at Uni. No matter how long Fresher’s lasts you will always need to follow a few rules and bring a few essentials. Cards and Ping Pong balls are like gold dust during this week. There is always some mystical guru that knows a drinking game involving some bizarre set of rules that ends up needing props they inevitably forgot. If you have forgotten them condoms are handed out for free during the week; this is to stop the spread of sexually transmitted nastiness so I recommend stock up ladies and gents. Even if you don’t use them you will always be able to make balloon animals.

Fresher’s week is one the most amazing times you will have at university. The thing I remember most fondly from my Fresher’s was creating a huge paper mural in my flat with my friends. This is because you are free to be as creative with your week as you like. You can drink, play sports, learn to salsa, just have fun.